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What is Conscious Beauty?

Posted by Laura Szabo on

Conscious Beauty is a newer term, but it is not new to US here at the Conscious Glow Boutique!  Conscious Beauty is so much more than just being "clean/green", vegan, cruelty-free etc.  Keep reading to find out more & how you can be more conscious when shopping for beauty + self-care products- & just in your day-to-day life!
To us, Conscious beauty means to be conscious of what you put on & into your body.  It means to choose products & ingredients carefully, to ensure they don't cause harm to your body/insides, animals, the environment or the planet.
  This is extremely important at The Conscious Glow Boutique & one of the core values in our business!  When choosing conscious beauty + wellness products, it's important to choose products made with sustainably sourced ingredients & packaging as well.  Although we are not yet 100% plastic-free, we proudly carry many brands +
 products that have minimal plastic & some are completely zero-waste!  It's a work in progress, & it's something that is always considered when bringing in new brands to our boutique!  
What are the Core principals for Conscious Beauty?  Here's our top 5 below:
Health-Conscious or 'Clean' Ingredients
Choose products that contain extremely "clean"/"non-toxic"/'safe" ingredients when purchasing beauty/wellness products.  This means going beyond reading the labels on the FRONT of a product!  It is most important to read the entire ingredient list on the back, & if you aren't sure of an ingredient, look it up!  Sometimes the labels on a product can be deceiving & don't always tell the full details of a product.  For example a product can be 'Vegan', but still contain ingredients that are considered 'toxic' & harmful, such as synthetic fragrance. 
Sustainably Sourced:  
This means ingredients are sourced with close consideration to the impact on the environment, animals, plus as the treatment of workers.
There are many ingredients & brands that are not made with sustainably sourced ingredients, especially in conventional products.  If we want to help save the planet, we must consider how a brand sources ingredients for their products.  Again, this is extremely important for us, & we always ensure that we carry products with sustainably sourced ingredients.  
This means all of the ingredients in a product do not contain any animal ingredients.  This one can be confusing for some consumers, because many people assume this means a product is also Cruelty-Free- which is not always the case. For example, a product can be 'vegan', yet still may have been tested on animals along the process of being formulated.  Again, read the entire ingredient list, look for the 'Vegan' & 'Cruelty-Free' (leaping bunny) certification, & if you still aren't sure reach out to the brand/company to ask.  Also note, just because a company does not have the certifications on a product for vegan/cruelty-free, etc. does not necessarily mean that they contain aren't vegan or cruelty-free.  It can be expensive & challenging to receive these certifications. 
This of course means that a product was not tested on animals throughout any part of the production process.  The best, most reliable certification for Cruelty-Free is the 'Leaping Bunny' certification.  
Minimal & Zero-Waste Packaging:
This is a topic that is luckily growing in popularity & awareness.  As we all know, plastic waste is a huge problem, & the beauty industry is one of the top contributors to plastic-waste & waste in general.  Luckily, many brands are now using more products with recycled plastic, biodegradable (AKA Zero-Waste) packaging, glass & minimal plastic.  We have many minimal waste & zero-waste brands on our website, & continue to choose these kinds of brands when bringing new ones in to our boutique!  As a conscious consumer, this is another important thing to consider when purchasing your beauty &/or wellness products. (And all other products in general!) 

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