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Summer Vacay Essentials!

Posted by Laura Szabo on

*Raises Both hands*
Last year was not the best for traveling (Thanks Covid.) so we're blessed to be taking FULL advantage this summer!  
We've put together a few of our favorite Green, Non-toxic, & eco-conscious, travel necessities from our Eco-beauty shop, The Conscious Glow Boutique! 
Check out a few must-have's below & grab yours from our boutique! 
If you want to be looking like a golden goddess, THIS stuff is for you!  The most gorgeous body oil with eco-friendly, bronze, shimmer, & 8 luxe organic +vegan oils, to give you vacay skin with skincare benefits. Hydrate, illuminate, & firm with Bondi Babe!  Also apply to cheekbones for an ultra dewy look.
You can't be on vacay, showing all that skin, without a great exfoliant to give your skin that smooth, hydrated glow!  The Babe Town Body Scrub is a must, before throwing on that bikini, or cute sun-dress! Made with coffee grounds & Shea Butter which makes it smooth, not gritty like other scrubs.  Also made with a juicy blend of oils including Coconut, Grapeseed & Sunflower.
The most impressive Vitamin C serums you'll ever use!  Truly delivering better results than clinicals!  If you've spent a little too much time in the sun, this serum will be your new holy grail- PROMISE!  

It's a concentrated treatment that targets all forms of hyperpigmentation—including age spots & acne scars for brighter, firmer, & more even skin.  It'll boost your skin’s brightness factor with an intelligent blend of exotic, highly efficacious botanicals. Kakadu Plum which is rich in vitamin C, but when blended with exotic Camu Camu & an extravagant 15% of Tetra-C, the results are exquisite. Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid work synergistically with vitamin C to double your SPF-protection, discourage unsightly blemishes & stubborn age spots.

Head to the website to read even more benefits of the Haute C Bright Serum & make sure to pack it in your suitcase! ;)



GRESSA Skin 'Lumieres' 

These beauties are the perfect addition to any look! Makeup or no makeup, these glowy potions are a wonderful way to enhance any look.  Use them on cheekbones, lips, brow bones, mix a drop with your foundation or favorite serum, or apply to your collarbone & shoulders- or even add a few drops to your body!  The 'Lumieres' are non-comedogenic so they won't clog your pores, & are made with ingredients that are good for your skin! (just like the GRESSA Minimalist Foundation.)  Find 4 different, stunning shades on our website!


 LUXE Botanics Camu Brightening Serum

Ever feel like your skin isnt the same after a long plane ride or too much time in the sun? Well, it's not...The Camu Brightening mist will give your skin LIFE again!  This mist will Hydrate, illuminate & plump your skin & is the perfect refreshing spray, as it's bursting with vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate & Damascus rose water.  An ideal pre treatment primer, a single spritz prepares skin for maximum serum absorption, gives skin an instant antioxidant boost and delivers a dewy glow.  Wonderful for dull, lackluster, dehydrated, & sun-damaged skin.  Definitely pack this one in your carry on! 


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