How We Source

Our sourcing practice is intricate and thorough. Our founder, Laura, goes through various product lines from trusted brands and personally selects each and every product herself.

What makes the CGF sourcing process unique is that Laura verifies all the ingredients to ensure that they live up to The CGB Clean Living Standards AND she integrates all of the products into her daily life to hand test them and ensure that they look great, feel amazing, and work effectively before they make their way to our store. Every ingredient in our store is researched thoroughly to completely understand the relationship it has to the body and the long-term benefits it holds for a person. We also use EWG (Environmental Working Group) to confirm how clean and non-toxic specific ingredients and products are during our research phase.

We love to support and source from fellow small businesses, especially those that hand-craft their products themselves because they often share the same level of standards and ethics as we do. It's important that our partners and brands hold the same level of clean living standards as we do.