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Spring Clean Beauty Must-have's!

Posted by Laura Santiago-Moyer on

Clean Beauty Spring Essentials
Spring has sprung, & it's the perfect time to refresh your skincare & cosmetics!  Peep a few of our new, favorite non-toxic beauty + bodycare must-haves! 
Keep scrolling for some of our new Spring favorites from LILFOX, ATHR Beauty, LUXE Botanics, Earth Harbor, Nopalera, & Cirque Colors!
First up, the *crystal-infused* face & body oils from ATHR Beauty! 
Fast-drying oils that protects and nourishes the skin.  The lightweight formula keeps skin hydrated, with organic skincare oils that boost collagen and brighten skin.  An illuminating dry oil formulated with skin-loving ingredients that keep skin nourished, hydrated and moisturized. Harnessing the power of pure Diamond, these luminous oil brighten your skin while protecting against electromagnetic frequencies.  Check out all 3 gorgeous shades in our boutique!  Desert Sun, the perfect, golden-bronze, Desert Moon, a cosmic, pearlescent glow, & Desert Sky, which gives a beautiful rose-gold glow.
Next up, the delicious Cactus Flower Exfoliant from Nopalera.  Do you not think of smooth, exfoliated, glowing skin when you think of warm weather?!  (We do!)  This luxurious scrub can be used on your body AND face, (yes it's gentle enough) & has a yummy, subtle scent of tangerine. The cactus + oil scrub gently exfoliates, smoothes skin, & is colored naturally with achiote seeds.
What's Spring without some fun, gorgeous, crystal-infused eyeshadows from ATHR Beauty?!  The latest eyeshadow palettes, the Desert Sunset Palette & Rose Quartz Quad from ATHR are both stunning, & suitable for all skin tones. 
The Desert Sunset Palette comes with 10 beautiful shades inspired by the sunsets in the west-coast deserts. 
The Rose Quartz Quad is the cutest palette with 4 rose-quartz inspired shades, beautiful on all skin tones as well! 
Both palettes are made with sustainably-sourced crystals, organic ingredients that benefit your skin, long-lasting color, and zero-waste packaging.  
ATHR Beauty Desert Sunset Eyeshadow Palette
ATHR Beauty Rose Quartz Quad
More days in the sun is definitely a plus, but of course can lead to skin concerns such as premature aging & hyper-pigmentation!  Show your skin some TLC with these Vitamin-C PACKED Must-have's!  All of these Vitamin-C filled skincare faves provide impressive, pro-grade results when it comes to helping skin that has hyperpigmentation/dark spots, fine lines + wrinkles, dull, & is lackluster.  The entire CAMU line from LUXE Botanics, such as the CAMU Brightening Serum & CAMU Brightening Moisturizer, & the LILFOX Haute C Bright Serum provide exceptional, science-driven results, with organic, sustainable, botanical ingredients! 
LUXE Botanics CAMU Brightening Moisturizer LUXE Botanics CAMU Brightening SerumLILFOX Haute C Bright SerumLILFOX Haute C Bright Serum
Raise your hand if you LOVE SKIN TOOLS?!  If not, get ready to be hooked!  One of our favorite skin tools are the CHILL WANDS from LILFOX!  These magical Cryo + Thermal wands can be used Chilled or warm, providing many benefits to your skin.  When used Chilled, their extreme cold temperature dramatically reduces inflammation, removes puffiness, firms and tightens skin’s appearance while stimulating cellular turnover and lymphatic function. Highly targeted cryotherapy encourages nutrient delivery and increased detoxification of cellular waste.  We highly recommend using them cool in the warmer, hotter months of Spring & Summer, especially after a day spent in the sun! (You know, if you accidentally get a little too much sun... the Chill wands feel sooo soothing on sun-burnt skin) 
LILFOX Chill Wands
Get your vitamin D, but protect your skin too!  The Earth Harbor Eclipse Sheer Mineral SPF is our choice for a non-toxic SPF, that's safe for your skin, & reef-safe too!  It's sheer, so it works on all skin tones, without leaving that white cast we all dread.  Add this to your skincare routine while your out enjoying the longer days of spring, & soon enough, summer!   
Honestly, what is spring without bright, fun nail polish?!  Seriously!  Check out our latest additions from Cirque Colors, some of the adorable JELLY Shades from the GLAZED collection!  A few favorites are, XOXO Jelly, Berry Jelly, & Peach Jelly.  If you like fun, bright nail colors, you'll absolutely love the shades Buttercup, Narcisse, BAM, & Jetsetter

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