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About our Founder

Hi!  I'm Laura the founder & owner of The Conscious Glow Boutique!
I created The CGB because I wanted to create a space stocked products that are made with completely clean, vegan, cruelty-free, & sustainably sourced ingredients.  

Over 5 years ago, after receiving a diagnosis for two autoimmune diseases, I began my journey for a cleaner way of living.  From numerous health issues & symptoms (One mainly being horrible, painful & itchy skin rashes) I was inspired to pursue an education in Integrative nutrition + wellness.  I received my Certification as a Holistic Health Coach, from 'The Institute of Integrative Nutrition'. 
I began noticing life-changing improvements after shifting my eating & lifestyle habits, along with the products I use daily, switching everything to "cleaner" + safer alternatives.  I also have a 10-year career in cosmetology, in the 'conventional beauty' world, but now focus + specialize in organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, & eco-friendly beauty.  I wanted & needed to find a way to combine the two practices (holistic health + wellness & cosmetology) as well as my love for animals + the environment.  
My passion for a 'clean' lifestyle continues to grow, & while I still love makeup & being "glam" I'm extremely passionate about the environment as well.  So, making sure that ALL products carried at the CGB contain ingredients that are 'clean', sustainably sourced, AND effective is extremely important!  After realizing that I could still be both "Glam", AND eco-conscious,  the "Conscious Glow Boutique" was born!