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What is the meaning behind 'The Conscious Glow'?

The meaning behind the name is to be conscious of what we put in & on our body, as well as how these products + ingredients (& packaging) affect us, the environment, animals, & workers who source ingredients for these products.  What you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it, since about 60% of what goes on to your skin, goes straight into your bloodstream!  "Clean"/non-toxic, vegan, & cruelty-free ingredients are just as important to us as sustainably sourced ingredients.  Many products & ingredients used in the "Beauty" industry are harmful to not only our bodies, but the environment, & we can all do better when it comes to making conscious choices, with products we use so often!

 What does "clean" beauty mean?

To the CGB, "Clean" beauty means a cosmetic or skincare product that is non-toxic & made without a very long list of harmful ingredients. The toxic ingredients found in conventional beauty & skincare products are directly linked to adverse health effects such as cancer, irritation, congenital disabilities, hormone-disruption, and many more health concerns.  "Clean" products are formulated without "dirty" or toxic ingredients. 

Are your products made with 100& Cruelty-free ingredients?

Yes, all of our products are Cruelty-free.

Are your products made 100% with Vegan ingredients?

Yes, all products are vegan.

Are your products made with sustainably sourced ingredients?

Yes, we ensure this when ordering wholesale & selecting brands + products for our boutique.   

Can I return an item If I'm not satisfied?

You can return items including face cleansing cloths, cosmetic brushes, body creams/lotions, body scrubs, perfumes, bath salts, and razors, as long as they're unused.  All cosmetics, skincare (facial skincare), and deodorant must be un-opened & un-used & is by exchange only within 14 days of receiving items.