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5 Swaps to make when transitioning to Clean + Conscious Beauty products

Posted by Laura Szabo on

Looking to make the switch to 'Clean' + Conscious Beauty products?
Well, Here's 5 clean-beauty swaps when starting out! 
 1. Mascara:
Have you ever experienced irritation or a reaction to conventional mascara?  Even if you haven't, there’s enough reasons why you might want to make the swap to a "cleaner" or more safe option. Did you know the skin around your eyes & lids is the thinnest skin on our bodies, as well as extremely sensitive?  The eye area is also easily irritated, plus highly absorbent. Conventional mascaras contain many irritants including petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, & other toxic chemicals (note: not ALL chemicals are "Bad" or cause harm.  But, EVERYTHING has some type of "chemical"- even FRUIT!)  with pigments made from synthetic colourants, which you definitely don't want near your eyes. The good news is, 'green beauty' products have come a long way when it comes to quality & performance, so there's plenty good replacements for your conventional mascara, on the market!  Many 'Clean' mascaras contain concentrated pigments that aren't formulated with the harmful ingredients listed above, & that also encourage lash growth, plus thickness, for fluffy, feather-like lashes-BUT, without the nasties!  These are a few Mascara's that you and your lashes (and EYES) will love!
2. Lipstick:
It’s a no brainer that what we apply on our lips eventually ends up in our mouth —at least some of it. Many lipsticks and glosses contain Carmine (AKA crushed bugs ) petroleum, chemical emulsifiers, synthetic preservatives, & coal tar pigments- none of these are good to eat! Luckily there are lots of amazing lipsticks on the market that don’t contain these ingredients. This makes it ultra easy to swap your favorite shade for a safer, clean, option  Check out a few of our Go-To lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, & glosses here!  Some are even made with Zero-waste packaging!  
3. SPF: 
 'Conventional' SPF is high on the list as one of the most chemical-laden products in the entire cosmetic industry. since they rely on harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate (AKA hormone disruptors) to protect your skin by absorbing sun rays. While  these chemicals might offer protection in some way, it’s definitely without a cost to your health or the environment.  These ingredients found in conventional SPF's are toxic to coral reefs too!  On the other hand, 'Clean' mineral SPF's work by providing a *physical* barrier (and sit ON TOP of your skin instead of being absorbed) with naturally occuring minerals Zinc & Titanium, without irritation to your skin, harming the planet or your body.  We love this one from Beauty By Earth. 



4. Foundation

Say good-bye to pore-clogging, skin-irritating formulas, & "breaks" from your tradition foundation.   Many conventional or tradition foundation formulas have a negative affect on your overall skin health, which can lead to premature aging, acne & unwanted breakouts, & irritation.  Some commonly used toxic, harsh ingredients found in conventional foundations are Talc, synthetic fragrances, Parabens, synthetic additives & plastic-derived preservatives like phenoxyethanol. These ingredients can trap bacteria  & sebum under your skin, causing breakouts.  Plus, since you go most of the day wearing them & they cover you whole face, foundation is a perfect place to start when swapping to cleaner products.  It's 2021, so there's definitely no compromising on quality or performance with all of the clean/green options on the market.  When looking for a high quality, clean foundation it will actually have nourishing benefits for your skin, be long-lasting, have the coverage you desire, & a tiny bit should go a long way!   Some of our favorites are the GRESSA Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation & TMF Cosmetics Vegan Skin Perfector Foundation, TMF Dream Conceal Full coverage Foundation & Concealer  



5. Deodorant

Swapping to a 'clean deodorant can be more of a challenge-mostly because everyone's body reacts differently to different deo's / ingredients, but also because if you don't detox your pits before switching, you're likely to have sensitivity or even develop a rash.  BUT, there is a way around this!  The best thing to do when switching to clean-deo, is to detox your underarms with a clay mask for about 2 weeks.  We prefer this kit here!  Nowadays, most people know that mainstream or conventional deodorants are not made with safe ingredients & have been linked to some concerning diseases such as Breast Cancer & even Alzheimer's.   If we're putting something on & around our breast area DAILY, don't you think it's better safe than sorry to apply a deodorant that is made with much more safe, clean ingredients? Studies have found conventional deodorants contain multiple endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, & synthetic fragrances- which ALL work against our bodies natural (Lymphatic) system to prevent sweating by blocking pores.  Guess's NORMAL & actually HEALTHYt to sweat!  Plus. that's not the cause of body odor!  Body odor happens when it’s mixed with the bacteria on your skin that things get stinky. Clean, or 'alternative' deodorants work together with your body, so they won’t stop you from sweating, BUT will stop odor.  A few favorites here, are the Uni-sex Deodorants & Detox Kit from Half Hippy Life! 

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