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14th Night Hair Elixer

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The 14th Night Hair Elixir is a natural and luxurious hair treatment featuring nature’s most prized beauty ingredients - Rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, leaving hair shiny with a radiant glow.

This luxurious hair treatment instantly hydrates your hair, restoring its natural strength and smoothness with a silky finish.

Over time, hair becomes stronger, healthier, and more manageable.


Use:  Shake bottle well before using.

On Wet Hair:

Start with a few drops of the hair elixir (4-8) and distribute evenly from mid-length to ends.

Air dry for a frizz-free finish with natural texture, or blow dry safely with heat protection.

*Pro tip: twist wet hair while applying the hair elixir to create a soft wave.

On Dry Hair:

Add a few drops (3-6) of the hair elixir to your palms.

Rub them together, and run through your hair for desired style.

A gentle pat from mid-length to ends will add instant shine while taming fly aways.

For Deep Conditioning:

For a deep conditioning treatment, apply a full pipette to the palm of your hands and apply from mid-length to ends.

Let sit for at least 10 minutes and wash as usual.

Safe for Keratin-treated hair.


Benefits:  Deeply penetrates hair to repair damage and replenish lipid deficiency with a unique combination of beauty oils, blended, and fermented for maximum absorption.

Helps protect hair from heat styling tools and frequent blow drying.

Over time, hair is longer, softer, and shinier.  


Ingredients: Pomegranate seed oil, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Camellia flower, sunflower seed oil, green tea seed oil, aloe, Amethyst, Sea Salt, & red algae, 

*All 14th Night products are made free of sodium *lauryl* sulfates, aluminum compounds, parabens, dyes, synthetic Fragrances, pthalates, triclosan & triclocarbon, talc, mineral Oils and  petrochemicals, silicones, EDTA and PEGs. 

30 ML: Approximately 1 oz.


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