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LILFOX Skincare:
A place where form and function meet. Where earth-borne beauty and clean science collide. Where the artist and muse fuse into one to become Intelligent Skin Couture. Just as the couture designer touches a texture and imagines form, we touch the exotic and imagine how it will transform. We have fashioned our formulas for the sophisticated skincare connoisseur. Our process is measured, yet wild. We blend organic oils, unrefined butters, rare earth clays and high vibration hydrosols with aromatic essential oils, moon-charged crystals and vibrant plant energies. We then elevate our plant potions with generous concentrations of clinically proven actives that enhance the potency and performance of the formula. This is the intersection of clean beauty, exceptional botanicals, beyond-the-imagination portions of lab actives, and out of the ordinary aromatics and textures. This is more than what you might discover in prescription skincare. This is Intelligent Skin Couture.