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LILFOX APHRODITE Pure Rosewater Toning Mist

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LILFOX APHRODITE Pure Rosewater Toning Mist


A pure rosewater mist that hydrates and cools, combats signs of aging and soothes tired, irritated skin. Made from artisan distillers in Provence, the sensuous Damask rose is hand harvested then distilled in copper at low temperatures to produce an incredibly healing, moisturizing and uplifting tonic The mist is rich with the rose petals’ vitamin C and minerals, and is 100% organic. 

This floral tonic mist gives hydration to skin and leaves skin plump and dewy; thus allowing for faster absorption of our nourishing face nectars.

Results: Mist delivers hydration to skin, leaving skin plump and dewy.  Skin is prepped for the oil step of applying nourishing face nectars. 

Skin Type: All skin types, especially delicate, mature, dry, or stressed.

Texture: Water viscosity. Fine Mist.


Spotlight Ingredients + Benefits

Rosa damascena hydrosol is distilled by a certified organic artisan distiller in the South of France. A natural humectant, rose is hydrating and balancing for all skin types.  Gentle and astringent. 

Rose is said the have the highest vibration of all the plant world. The ancient Greeks believed Aphrodite was born a plant that had never been seen on Earth. The Gods dropped nectar on the flower and roses were created. Smelling roses puts us in touch with our sensuality within. Her energy fuels this sensual enjoyment of life and increases the attraction to beautiful things. Aphrodite also helps you get in touch with your creative energy. Our sensual energy and our creative energy are inextricably linked.


Ingredients: Rosa Damascena Hydrosol*, Rose quartz crystal in each bottle. 

*Certified Organic

A Rose Quartz Crystal can be found in every bottle. 

Comes in an amethyst glass bottle with mister top.



Customer Reviews

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Tammy D
Rosewater Toning Mist

I LOVE this mist so much, my face feels so hydrated and awake when I use this, and the scent is so pretty and light.