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Lumineux Clean & Fresh Mouthwash

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Lumineux Oral Essentials™ Clean and Fresh Formula Mouthwash started it all. Developed in the office of our founder, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, it was inspired by a decade long study by his esteemed colleague and world-renowned researcher Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD. He set out to help orphans in the Philippines, suffering from a severe gum disease caused by AA bacteria, by having them rub sea salt on their gums. After 10 years, every child’s gum disease had all but disappeared. That’s why every Oral Essentials product uses Dead Sea salt; the most potent and mineral-rich salt in the world. Combined with French essential oils, organic aloe vera juice, and non-GMO xylitol, Lumineux Oral Essentials™ Clean and Fresh Formula offers a smarter and healthier way to keep your mouth clean.