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LILFOX GYPSY NIGHT Basil Leaf + Sweet Spearmint Luxury Essential Oil Blend

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Purify your atmoshere with pure essential oils. 

Welcome to The Aromatic Beautysphere. 

For invigorating mornings, inspired nights, and easy breathing. Aromatherapist and sommelier crafted to deliver a sophisticated and distinct layered fresh aromatic profile.   An herbaceous and refreshing blend of Sicilian lemon and green bergamot married with sweet basil leaf, tulsi, and revitalizing mint. 

How To Use

  • Diffuser Add 5-20 drops into water filled Art Deco Marble Diffuser. Press play and enjoy. For larger spaces add more essential oil drops.
  • Bath: Add 3-5 drops into carrier (salts, oil, or honey). Drop into hot bath water and enjoy.
  • Palm: Add 1 drop into a small pea sized amount of carrier oil (coconut, olive, ect) and warm between palms to acivate aromatics. Inhale deeply for as long as deisred for a restorative effect.

Caution: Never add to bath undiluted.


Ingredients: Pure essential oils of Ociminum basilicum oil*, Cymbopogon martini oil*, Ocimum sanctum oil, Rosearinus officinalis oil*, Mentha piperata oil*, Mentha spicata oil*

*Certified organic

Size: .66 oz / 20ml offered in a violet glass bottle with essential oil dispensing top. 

Free of Synthetics (Fragrance, Parabens, Silicones, Sulphates, Glycols, Phthalates.)

Vegan. Cruelty Free.